Wrinkle Treatment

Winkle Treatments

Most wrinkles can be treated with a protein toxin. For Cosmetic use the amount of toxin we use is small and extremely safe. Help facial muscles 'stop flexing' where lines show with this simple, temporary injection, safely administered by our healthcare professionals.
These products are ideally used to smooth frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. They can be used to lift your brow, around the mouth to soften smokers lines, they can also be used in the neck to sharpen the jaw line and reduce lines.


Moderate to severe wrinkles are temporarily reduced one to two weeks after treatment.


A local anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin. A series of tiny injections are directly applied to the muscles that cause stubborn lines.

Required time

Twenty minutes.

Optimum Number of Treatments

Approximately four times per year. Results can last up to four months. Regular treatments can help the effects last longer. Once treatments have stopped your former appearance will return.


From £230
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