Lip Enhancers

Lip Enhancers

As we age we loose volume in our lips. Pump up the volume with our remarkable, modern lip fillers with local anaesthetics incorporated. Shape, enhance and volumise lips in a softer more natural, pain free way.


Plumper, more defined shapely lips.


A topical anaesthetic cream and dental block anaesthesia, if desired are appiled and the filler is injected to the area of lip depending on required result.

Required time

Thirty minutes.

Optimum Number of Treatments

The effects can last four to six months.

What to expect.

No downtime usually. Swelling, bruising and redness may occur for a few days. Results can be instantly visible.


From £230
Our aim was to create a cutting edge dental practice focusing on dental and facial aesthetics while creating a relaxing and informal practice for our more nervous patients.

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