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Glasgow dentist offering free consultations at our state of the art dental practice's located in Uddingston and Bridgeton. Our Bridgeton (Glasgow) dental practice is located a few minutes walk from Bridgeton train station. Our South Lanarkshire dental practice is located in Tannochside, Uddingston just ten minutes from Glasgow city centre.
Our expertise is in transforming smiles and smile makeovers, we also offer a wide range of treatments. These include high quality general and NHS dental care, dental implants, laser tooth whitening, dermal fillers and wrinkle and sweat treatments. Our cosmetic treatments are often considerably less expensive than Glasgow city centre dental practices. Your visit to us is designed to be relaxing, comfortable and as stress free as possible. We offer free dentist consultations in a friendly and informal atmosphere with a gentle and caring approach which helps to put any nervous patient’s anxieties at ease. Please call or email for a free consultation. New patient registration forms are available for both practices to download and print out for Uddingston and Bridgeton.

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Our aim was to create a cutting edge dental practice focusing on dental and facial aesthetics while creating a relaxing and informal practice for our more nervous patients.

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