Cosmetic Dentistry

Not happy with your smile? Park Dental Company offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry treatments from a simple laser whitening procedure to a full smile makeover. We are often considerably less expensive than city centre dental practices.
Once you have had your free smile makeover consultation, we make a plaster model of how your teeth look like now. We then work with you to create a model of how you want your teeth to look like, this is called a wax up. Once you are happy with the shape colour and position of your teeth we send it to Dental Design one of the top cosmetic dental labs in Glasgow for the finished Crown, Veneer and bridge work.
Some of our Smile Makeovers
  • Smile Makeovers
  • Nobel Biocare's Teeth in an Hour (Scotland's First)
  • Guided dental implant surgery
  • Veneers
  • Crowns
  • Laser tooth whitening
  • Bone grafts and sinus lifts
  • Gum reshaping and recontering
  • Crown Lengthening
  • Amalgam filling replacement
Our aim was to create a cutting edge dental practice focusing on dental and facial aesthetics while creating a relaxing and informal practice for our more nervous patients.

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